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J.H. writes young adult speculative fiction, including fantasy and science fiction. He loves gripping tales set in richly-imagined worlds, which use elements of the fantastic to tell us something new about our own world. He still believes that if he looks hard enough, he’ll find a way to get to Middle-earth.

J.H. wholeheartedly believes in Alice Walker’s dictum that “activism is my rent for living on the planet.” All of his non-writing work is centered on leaving the world a more just and whole place than when he found it. He has spent many years working to educate the public about domestic and sexual violence, sexism, patriarchy, and oppression. Along with his writing, he is working to increase access to healthcare in the state of Colorado.

As anyone who knows him can attest, J.H. has thoughts on far too many subjects for his own good, ranging from French feminist philosophy, to the theological problem of evil, to the state of American pop music. He’ll address these subjects and many others on his blog. Visit here to discuss ideas that have no practical application.